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Terms & Conditions

*Daily Routings Subject to Change* 

On-Line Passenger Initiated Changes or Cancellations

Island Express Air is pleased to offer the industry’s friendliest changes and cancellation policy

Passenger Initiated Changes or Cancellations


For customer protection and due to the Privacy Act, we cannot accept changes or cancellations by phone or voice mail as there is no way to verify the origin. All changes & cancellations must be done either through our website or by email at: info@islandexpressair.com. 
Credit Card Payment can be accepted over the phone.


Flexible Tickets: May be changed up to 48hours for $26.25 (eachway) May be cancelled up to 48hours for $36.75 (each way) and redeemed for a fully transferable flight credit, good for 2 years. Changes or cancellations after 48 hours are $52.50. There are no refunds on "Flexible Tickets" No changes or cancellations after 24 hours prior to flight time. 
Note: Any applicable flight change or cancellation fees must be paid within 7 days of the original booking.

Freedom Tickets: Are free to change or cancel and are fully refundable up to 48 hours prior to flight time, less a $26.25 administration fee (eachway). Changes or cancellations less than 48hours prior to flight time are still eligible for flight credit less a $26.25 administration fee (each way) right up to 4 hours prior to flight time. There are no flight credits for no shows or last minute (less than 4 hr) cancellations.
Note: Any applicable flight change or cancellation fees must be paid within 7 days of the original booking.

Late Bookings: Flights booked within 24hrs are non refundable and cannot be changed or cancelled.

Quick Ticket passengers


Flights may be cancelled or changed as many times as needed up to 24 hours before your scheduled departure time at no charge. Bookings made under 24 hrs require a late booking fee of $26.25, changes and cancellations within 24 hours are $26.25 up until 4 hrs prior to flight time. 

Tickets will be forfeited for no-shows. 


Flight Delays and Cancellations

Flights delayed or cancelled due to weather will be replaced with the next available flight or a fully transferable flight credit valid for two year, at no charge as preferred by the customer.

Flights cancelled by Island Express Air for any reason other than weather, you will receive either a full refund or a credit for the original flight plus an additional one-way flight credit that is fully transferable at no charge.

Weekend Flight Times and Routing

Exact arrivial times and routing are subject to change depending on weather and passenger volumes. Please call 12-24 hours prior to weekend and holiday flights to confirm exact flight times.

Luggage and Carriage Information

   ◦ On all routes Island Express Air allows 30 lbs of Carry-On luggage at no additional charge.Max 2 pieces of Carry-On permitted, Max size 24"x16"x10"  
   ◦ Overweight Carry-On luggage is charged on a per pound basis as follows:
      ▪ Luggage weight declared at time of booking: $0.79 / lb, Minimum $15.75 including tax.
      ▪ Luggage weight undeclared or in excess of the declared weight: $1.05 / lb, Minimum $21.00 including tax
   ◦ Checked luggage is charged on a per pound basis as follows:
      ▪ Luggage weight declared at time of booking: $0.79 / lb, Minimum $15.75 including tax.
      ▪ Luggage weight undeclared or in excess of the declared weight: $1.05 / lb, Minimum $21.00 including tax

Check In Procedures 
Identification will be checked for all guests. Infants require proof of age.

Late Arrivals:
We recommend checking in 45 minutes prior to flight time. It is normal that there may be no check in agent at the counter at some locations, but crews will arrive prior to boarding or flight time to check you in. Cut off time for boarding is strictly 30 minutes prior to flight time to allow sufficient time for going through security, boarding, taxiing etc.

Passengers who arrive after the 30 minute cut off time and miss their flight will be given the option of going on the next available flight for $78.75 service charge including tax, rather than forfeit their flight.

For airport map locations please go to Locations. 
For real-time flight status please go to 1 (888) 604-856-6260.

Fees, Taxes and Surcharges

AIF - Airport Improvement Fees 
ATSC - Air Traveler's Security Charge
NAV/INS - Nav Canada Fees and Passenger Insurance Fees 
GST – Canadian Goods and Services Tax (HST for Bookings after July 1, 2010)
Airport improvement and terminal usage fees vary from airport to airport


The Tofino/ Ucluelet/ Longbeach Airport is located on the Spectacular West Coast of Vancouver Island and although it is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Canada, it is subject to low weather conditions, particularly morning fog, predominantly in August and September. On certain days, which are difficult to accurately predict ahead of time, these conditions can make it impossible to fly into the Tofino Airport.
If these conditions are present during your scheduled departure time, one of the following scenarios will happen:

  1. Your flight may be delayed until the weather improves. This could be anywhere from a half hour to several hours.
  2. Your flight may leave as scheduled but will only go as far as either Nanaimo, Qualicum or Port Alberni. From there ground transportation will be arranged.
  3. If the weather is extremely poor and flight is not safely possible, your flight may be delayed till the next available flight which could be the following day. You may then either arrange your own ground transportation from Victoria (rental cars are normally available at either airport) or fly on the next available flight, which would likely be the next day. In the event that you arrange your own transportation you will receive a fully transferable flight credit valid for two years.  
    Just like most other Airlines in Canada, there are no refunds for weather delays as they are beyond our control.
  4. In the unlikely event that your flight is cancelled for a maintenance delay or extremely low passenger volumes, you will be offered either a full refund OR the next available flight with an additional $100 courtesy flight credit for your inconveniece, that will be fully transferable and valid for 2 years.
  5. Call 24 hours ahead to confirm your flight.


Schedule, routing and pricing subject change without notice.

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